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Specializing in supporting strategic planning and capacity building through the development of people, processes and programs.



PBO Collaborative Consulting, LLC is a Pittsburgh based consulting firm specializing in supporting education and youth serving nonprofit organizations with strategic planning and capacity building through the development of people, processes, and programs.  As a design based consulting firm we utilize Liberatory Design and Human Centered Design to establish a truly collaborative experience, fostering a sense of shared ownership and alignment between our team and our clients. Any organization can move forward with small incremental changes, but building toward equity-centered sustainable change means taking bold chances, making insightful decisions, and embracing community-driven collaboration to achieve greater impact.


At PBO Collaborative Consulting we believe in the power of Liberatory Design as a key approach to foster growth, inclusion, and innovation. We partner with our clients to design tailored solutions that address their business needs, from process improvement and efficiency to staff training, development, and marketing. By incorporating Liberatory Design principles, we create strategies that empower all stakeholders, dismantling barriers and promoting equitable opportunities for success. We invite you to schedule a discovery call to explore opportunities to work together!

Liberatory Design is the result of a collaboration between Tania Anaissie, David Clifford, Susie Wise, and the National Equity Project [Victor Cary and Tom Malarkey].

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Dr. Cassandra Brentley has been instrumental to the growth of Wright Childcare Solutions and The Learning Loft Childcare Centers. Since 2019 Dr. Brentley and her team at PBO Collaborative Consulting have provided a range of consulting services that have allowed us to streamline our lines of business and enhance our systems. We will absolutely continue to engage PBO as we grow our organization.

Brittini Wright-Burley, CEO, Wright Childcare Solutions

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