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Meet the Founder & Lead Consultant


Dr. Cassandra Brentley founded PBO Collaborative Consulting, LLC in 2018. Dr. Brentley built her career working in both for-profit and non-profit organizations.  Her expertise in organizational leadership and integrated marketing communications was cultivated in her career experiences and blended with her expertise in Urban Education and transforming K-12 learning outcomes for students of color.  She consistently takes on the challenge of creating and implementing new initiatives during times of organizational change, which also developed her ability to quickly identify problems, work collaboratively to find solutions, and bring a vision to fruition with her strategic leadership.  She approaches her work through the lens of equity and justice, utilizing Liberatory Design and Human-Centered Design, leaning into LUMA methods to create innovative solutions for her clients.

Dr. Brentley's research interests include education equity and justice and social justice issues that contribute to the opportunity gap in education, the digital divide, digital poverty and how students of color and other historically marginalized people are left behind in the preparation for the future of work and success in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Her dissertation in practice examined the importance of critical consciousness development as a component of professional learning for out of school time math tutors teaching for social justice. A non-traditional path into the field of education provides Dr. Brentley with a unique skillset and fresh perspective that brings an innovative approach to her work.


Dr. Cassandra Brentley earned her doctorate in Urban Education at the University of Pittsburgh.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications and Business Certificate in Marketing from Duquesne University, as well as a Master of Arts in Education in Adult Learning and Training from Argosy University. She is a wife and mother of three children. 

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